Browsers are not yet mature enough to display complex graphing solutions natively. Flash has a penetration of 99% of internet users and allows detailed and interactive charting of data on the fly. Below are some examples of dynamic flash graphing capable of being plugged into any web based database.

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Sample Bar Chart

Interactive bar chart demonstrating auto-resizing of axes to accomodate very large, small or negative data.

Enter a numerical value, and click 'add value'. 'Restart' wipes added data and generates two values to repopulate graph.

The utility of this should be immediately apparent. Consider producing a dynamic report for each of thirty anaesthetists based in an obstetric unit, detailing procedure and demographic data, complication rates, using information kept on a database. This can be displayed in a user friendly way or analysed without resort to third party software. The finished report could be printed, or sent as a link to each member of staff.

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Sample Frequency Diagram

Interactive frequency diagram drawn in real time from a dataset held on a database.

The chart on the right is based on a dataset of 150 temperatures taken from voluteer adults. Assuming normal distribution and selecting an appropriate interval the data is given to the flash program which then automatically counts frequency, calculates sd (s), interquatile range (IQR) etc. and charts the resulting data. Rolling your mouse over these values demonstrates them graphically on the chart.